Festival adds evening air show to rich menu of fun

Here’s a culinary quiz: What recipe calls for 10,000 pounds of potatoes, 20,000 bratwurst, 15,000 pieces of pastry and torte and 8,000 pounds of onions? The recipe for Milwaukee’s German Fest, natürlich!

From strudel to spanferkel and lederhosen to dirndls, German culture, music, food and drink will fill the Maier Festival Park.

German music and dance will fill the various stages across the grounds, featuring German performers such as vocalist Styrina and the Munich-based band Chikeria and the Austrian Widderstein-Buaba band.

No Milwaukee celebration of all things German would be complete without a few hands of sheepshead (schafkopf), a card game introduced by German immigrants and took on a local life of its own.

Among new attractions at the festival this year, Fromme listed the Porsche Club of America’s Car Display, which will feature a selection of Porsches that will change each day. On the opposite end of the automotive spectrum, an East German Trabant will be on display in the culture area.

No matter what else you do at German Fest, you really must eat and drink. Highlights of the festival’s menu include kartoffel (potato pancakes) with pfannkuchen (applesauce) or spanferkel (pig, roasted whole). Rollbraten, schnitzel and Kasseler Rippchen, all succulent pork dishes, go well with a noedel (dumpling) or two.


Eltz Castle

Sat high above the Mosel, Eltz castle is one of the most beautiful in Germany.  Built between the 12th and 16th centuaries it has survived throught to the present day with very few alterations.

The sheer scale and majesty of this place is what takes your breath away.  Sat within it’s wooded landscape this is a castle that would fit nicely into any fairy tale or Disney movie.

The castle itself is as far as I know still in the hands of the same family who have been it’s custodians for the last 800 years, representing some 33 generations of the house of ‘Eltz’.

The current owner of the castle, Dr. Karl Graf von und zu Eltz, known as Faust von Stromberg , lives in Eltville/Rhine. The family has had its main German residence there since the beginning of the 19th century.

A truly amazing place and well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in the Mosel valley.