New German Language College Opens in Azerbaijan

The newGerman language Center began to operate in February, 2009, and thus far it has over 100 students.

“The Center for the German language differs from other institutions for the foreign languages. Most teachers of the center passed qualification trainings in Germany. The center not only teaches the German language, but also informs students about the culture and life in Germany,” Director of the Center Zahra Aliyeva said.

Aliyeva said the Center is a partner of the Goethe Institute. The Institute provides financial support and gives recommendations to the center’s management. The students, who will complete the courses, will be granted certificates of the Goethe Institute,” Aliyeva added.

German Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Per Stankina, said the activities of the center will influence qualitatively process of learning the German language in Azerbaijan.

“The center’s teachers should teach students that with knowledge of the German language, they can find a job, not only in Germany, but also in Azerbaijan. The importance of Azerbaijan for Germany has increased. Many German’s companies intend to operate in Azerbaijan and these companies will be happy to provide jobs for Azerbaijanis with a good German language,” the ambassador said.

Head of the Goethe Institute, Werner Vella, said she hopes several more similar centers for the German language will be opened in Azerbaijan in future.


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